Hello, I have a problem importing data.

I don't know the problem even though the file is in csv format

Have you changed the first variable in the spreadsheet to a valid R name: letters, digits, period and underscore? Other symbols are invalid.

I do not think that file is a .csv file. The name, banque.xlsx suggests that it is likely to be an Excel file.


should work. See https://readxl.tidyverse.org

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mais moi jai ecrire : banq<- read .....
donc c'est letter

merci , solution efficace , jai besoin de resoudre le probleme de read. csv2 ... a votre avis quelle est le probleme ?

Je comprends pas le problème. Pouvez- vous me l'expliquer? Il existe également un "package", rio, qui peut faciliter l'importation de fichiers


I believe that readxl::read_excel() can handle the Nº in the first row of the file but read.csv2() cannot. If you want to use the latter you should pick a name without a symbol.

I think rio uses `readxl::read_excel()

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