Hello I am a new user to the R community

I am taking a class that requires using R. I don't know anything about R. I have imported my file and trying to create a plot. I know to you guys this sounds pretty simple, but can't figure it out yet.

Any advice you can provide would be appreciated.


What do your data look like, what kind of plot do you want to make and do you want to use any particular plotting function or package? You can provide your data by posting the output of


or, if the data set is large


In either case, replace DF with the variable that holds your data. Please place lines with three back ticks before and after your pasted output.
Your output

Hi, welcome!

I strongly encourage you to read this guidelines for making R related questions in an effective manner.

Hi ,

I am also very new in R but I can try to help you :slight_smile: . Did you try ggplot? we just learnt it and it is great!

Can you show me what did you write or which kind of plot do you want to do? there are many ways...(histograms...) etc

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