heemod deterministic sensitivity analysis error: Can't subset columns that don't exist.

Hi all,

Please help me with this issue using heemod package.
I ran the model named res_mod and it worked fine. Then I ran dsa using these codes:

dsa <- define_dsa(
pMI_die_2y, .048, .059,
pHF_die, .027, .033,
pAngina_die, .070, .080

res_dsa <- run_dsa(res_mod, dsa)

The error was
Running DSA on strategy 'Base'...
Error in x$complete_parameters[1, dsa$variables]:
! Can't subset columns that don't exist.
x Columns pHF_die and pAngina_die don't exist.
Run rlang::last_error() to see where the error occurred.

It works fine if my dsa only has 1 variable (any of those 3), but when there is 2/3, it stopped. I found someone in the group had same problem in 2021 but there was no reply, can anyone please help me?

Thank you very much and I do appreciate your time.


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