Heatmap colour scale

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I have generated microbial relative abundance heatmap with phyloseq package. I have used the same code for several datasets. But when the heatmap generated, I am seeing two types of scales appear in the heatmap. One scale ranges between 6.103516e−05 and 2.500000e−01. And another one with range 0.0002441406 to 0.0625000000.
Screenshot from 2020-07-03 10-55-14 Screenshot from 2020-07-03 10-55-16
I am using similar datasets from similar environment so relative abundance are not supposed to vary greatly between the datasets. Still why such differences are coming?

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The range of values is by definition the min and max and therefore extreme values.
You should analyse the distribution of the data to understand it.
Also if you want to assign a heat map colour range that might be suitable for both plots and use that in both you can do that.

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