Headshots from conference

Does anyone know how we will get our headshot pictures? Will they be emailed to you or is there somewhere we should be keeping an eye out?

I will be getting yours. I bribed the photographer.

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The picture(s) will be emailed to you, based on the ID from the first picture which included your RStudio name tag.

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I'm honoured that you would pay to have my photographs. I'd sign them for you next time


I ain't got any... ?

I didn't either; I assume it isn't ready

Great News ! I received them ! :tada:
Hence my new profil picture the you will see... everywhere! :wink:

Thanks RStudio for this animation at the conf! Great Idea!

Looks great! Hoping I get mine soon too

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Has anyone else received their headshots yet? Anyone know what the timeline is like - days, weeks, months?

I received mine on February 25th.

@stephhazlitt @taras have you gotten your pictures yet?

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No. I am guessing that the photographer is still wading through the many (many) RStudio headshots while working on other projects, or ... none of my pictures were very good and so he is kindly keeping them to himself.

I got mine, but I looked dumb on them, and so I archived them...