Having trouble making a 2 Y axis in RMarkdown

I am trying to create a 2 y axis graphs, corresponding to the Maximum and Minimum depth and temperature that a marine organism did during one time

This is the best graph that I managed to do so far, but I have trouble into rescaling the Y axes for both for better visualization. For the Temperature axis I am trying to make it to10 to 20, instead of the -20, -10, 0, 10, 20 and for the Depth axis to 0 to 30.

ggplot(Sharks1, aes(x = Date)) +
 geom_line(aes(y = Depth, color = Min_Max.x)) +
 geom_line(aes(y = Temp, color = Min_Max.y)) +
   sec.axis = sec_axis(~ -., name = "Depth (m)")
 ) +
 labs(y = "Temperature (°C)", color = NULL) +

This is currently my code, any help would be appreciated

Hi @Argyris_Venidis, try to put a reproducible example of data.

So, see this information avoiding-the-dual-axis-chart

Maybe is better make 2 plot because de values of Temperature are all positives and Depth are < 0, for avoiding confusion in the interpretation.

I second M_AcostaCH suggestion not to use a dual y-axis chart. They are very hard to interpret.

Here is a really quick and dirty example of using two plots and putting them together with the {patchwork} package.

dat1  <- data.frame(date1 = seq(as.Date("2023/10/01"), as.Date("2023/10/31"), by = "day"),
                  aa = rnorm(31, mean = 0, sd = 1), bb = rnorm(31, mean = 5, sd = 2))

p1 <- ggplot(dat1, aes(date1, aa)) + geom_point(colour = "red") +
       geom_line(colour = "blue")
p2 <- ggplot(dat1, aes(date1, bb)) + geom_point(colour = "blue") +
        geom_line(colour = "red")

p1 / p2

# or
 p1 + p2

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