Having problems with interpreting the P & Q values for my ARIMA model

Hi there! Would appreciate some help regarding the interpretation of this particular plot from my data Thank You! :slight_smile:

All of the ACF and PACF values, other than the ACF for a lag of zero, are not statistically significant (less than two standard deviations from zero, as shown by the dashed lines). This indicates that SPX Test is white noise (so both p and q are zero).

I believe that the ACF of 1.0 for a lag of 0 is the maximum possible value for ACF at all other lags, which just means that correlations with past values cannot be greater than 100%. It is not used to determine whether the data is AR or MA. The forecasting packages that I use do not include a zero lag in the ACF. What package did you use to generate the correlograms?

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Thank You for the help @EconProf!! :slight_smile: For the package I didn't really used any but just simply the ACF() & PACF() functions to generate the correlograms just like the codes below


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