Having issues with importing divvy-tripdata

X202004_divvy_tripdata <- read_csv("https://divvy-tripdata.s3.amazonaws.com/202004-divvy-tripdata.zip")
Error: Reading from remote zip compressed files is not supported,
download the files locally first.

Ahoy! and welcome to Posit forum.

Have a read over the error message R is returning you.

If this is just an ad-hoc script for exploratory data analysis, I would download your file and unzip it first. R also have the handy download.file function if you's like your script to download the file, and unzip to unzip it.

I just tried reading the file with import from the {rio} package and got hde message

Warning message:
In parse_zip(file) :
  Zip archive contains multiple files. Attempting first file.

It looks like downloading and unzipping it is the way to go. I do have an 84776 X 13 data.frame but no idea if is the correct file.

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