Having Issues plotting standard normal distribution z

Hello! I'm having trouble plotting a standard normal distribution z in my RStudio Cloud. I've been given the horizontal axis limits as -3.5 and 3.5. As well, I need to show a vertical line at zknot = 0.9. This is all the information I was given. Please help!

Hi @Katmachon! Welcome!

RStudio Cloud is a platform for making R (the statistical computing language and environment) and RStudio (software that helps you use R) available in the cloud. I'm guessing you are using RStudio Cloud as part of a class you are taking? Your question seems to be more about using R than about problems specific to RStudio Cloud, so I'm moving it to a different category (that's ok! It's hard to know how all these different pieces fit together when you're new).

It's OK to ask questions here that are inspired by work you're doing for a class, but this is not a good place to ask people to show you how to do an exercise from start to finish. Please read (and follow!) these guidelines: FAQ: Homework Policy

Also keep in mind that this is not the best place to go first if you're having trouble with an assignment. People here don't know anything about your specific class syllabus or requirements. Your instructor, teaching assistants, or fellow students are the best resources to start with.

Still, people here are generally happy to help those who are learning! :grin: The best way for you to get help here is to try to come up with some code to solve your problem first, then narrow your question down to the specific part of the code where you're getting stuck. From there, read this guide to find out how to pose code questions in a way that will get you better, faster answers: FAQ: Tips for writing R-related questions

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