having issue with coordinates function

hello everybody
I am new to r and trying to clean geocode data which is storede in two columns, Longitude and Latitude.
the data are entered in different shapes:
I don't know how to clean this variable with this great difference.
when I want to use the coordinates function I get this error.

coordinates(dt) <- ~GPRSLongitude+GPRSLatitude

Error in coordinates(dt) <- ~GPRSLongitude + GPRSLatitude :
could not find function "coordinates<-"

What packages are you using? Is this in a data frame? You have a mix of formats there, do you know what CRS they are in meant to be in (the first four anyway).

You've had three topics with pretty much the same question. Why didn't you just edit the first one?

A reproducible example would be useful:

We can solve this at least, because it comes by not having any function called coordinates loaded. i.e. there has been no library(somelibrary) or require(somelibrary) which would be needed to load whatever library contains the coordinates function we require to use.

i installed these packages

right so if its sp this should work, and coordinates would be found.


coordinates(meuse.grid) <- ~x+y

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