Having issue to get data from Twitter through Twitter V2 API

Hi guys,

I have spent a day trying to solve this issue but I didn't find a solution yet.

I am a current Twitter Essential account user and I'm trying to retrieve data from Twitter by using "academictwitteR" package. But I always got the following error and it seems like a connection problem. I'm behind the proxy and I already set up the configure by meself.

The code I run:

PPENEW<-get_user_timeline("3landers", start_tweets = "2022-02-25T00:00:00Z",
                          end_tweets = "2022-03-04T00:00:00Z",bearer_token = TWITTER_BEARER,n=200)

get_user_profile("3landers", TWITTER_BEARER)

The error message:

Error in curl::curl_fetch_memory(url, handle = handle) : 
  HTTP/2 stream 1 was not closed cleanly before end of the underlying stream

But when I run the testing code like:
it performs well and shows

[1] "Success"

[1] "OK"

[1] "Success: (200) OK"

Can anyone help me with this? Appreciate.

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