Having an issue reformatting Date to Weekday

Hi all, I am trying to reformat a column of dates in the format mm-dd-yyyy into a new column that spits out the weekday of the corresponding date, but I have been stuck for the last couple of hours. Is there any guidelines I can follow to help write the code?

Some of the code I have tried using are as follows;

mutate(daily_steps = as.Date(Date, format = "%A", abbreviate = FALSE))
This function runs, however, it is spitting out the correct weekday of the date.

The dataset I am using for my project is from this link FitBit Fitness Tracker Data | Kaggle
And the CSV file I am using is the dailySteps_merged.csv

Any tips would be greatly appreciated, thank you!

as.Date() returns date object, try to use as.character() which returns a character string:

> as.character(as.Date("04-20-2022", format = "%M-%d-%Y"), format = "%A")
[1] "środa"

which is Wednesday in my locales.

from help:

The format and as.character methods return a character vector representing the date. NA dates are returned as NA_character_.

The as.Date methods return an object of class "Date".


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