Harmonic Number

Hello, can someone tell me how to find the harmonic number in R. I know how to find it on Wolfram Mathematica using command HarmonicNumber[n]. for eg, HarmonicNumber[-(3/4)]. But I don't know how to find it on R. I don't know which package or command should be used.

I know just enough math and also just enough r to give you the implementation of the common definition

as seen here:

the n-th harmonic number is the sum of the reciprocals of the first n natural numbers
Harmonic number - Wikipedia

harmonicnumber <- function(n){
  k <- seq_len(n)
 -sum((-1)^k*(1/k) * choose(n,k))

This doesn't cover -3/4 as that is not a natural number

Oh I see. Thank you so much ya.

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