Handling multiple branches within one R project

I have a R project within a git repo to handle all my R code. I have been developing one branch but I need to put that branch aside and start a new branch for a different feature. Does anyone know how R projects handle something like this? I would like to have any R scripts I write on the second branch be recognized as part of the existing project. If I commit my R project to the first branch will git or R get confused when I try to add scripts to the project on the second branch? Do I need to git ignore the project?

(Yes I am aware it would be smoother just to finish development on the first branch and then start a second feature branch but unfortunately external circumstances are limiting me)

Thanks in advance

If I understand you correctly, you shouldn't have any problem switching between branches. Each file will be tracked in its own branch and R will not get confused. If a file exists in only one branch, it will not be available when the other branch is checked out, but that is how branches are intended to behave.

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