H clustering not working

  collapse = TRUE,
  comment = "#>"

database <- 'db_name'
server <- "server_name"
df <- na.omit(df)
df_1 <- dist(df, method = "euclidean")
hc1 <- hclust(df_1, method = "complete")
plot(hc1, cex = 0.6, hang = -8)
rect.hclust(hc1, k = 4, border = 2:5)

I tried to run this code but instead I get the error:
Error in as.vector(x, mode) : cannot coerce type 'closure' to vector of type 'any'

Can you provide a reprex (FAQ: How to do a minimal reproducible example ( reprex ) for beginners)? I know you are using a db here but create the toy example with the same error so we can observe it. Otherwise I can't trace it back and see why it wouldn't run.

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