gt table alignment in tufte

I am including gt tables in a Tufte-style HTML. I want to align the gt tables left so that they are in the main column, rather than down the center of the HTML spanning both the main column and margin. I have tried using the fig.align knitr option but it is not working. Here is the r code chunk for the gt table, as well as the tufte formatting I am using.

title: "Rubin Causal Model"
tufte_variant: "envisioned"

tufte::tufte_handout: default


# First, we create a tibble with the values we want for the table

tibble(subject = "Joe",
       ytreat = "13",
       ycontrol = "9",
       ydiff = "+4") %>%
  # Then, we use the gt function to make it pretty
  gt() %>%
  cols_label(subject = md("**Subject**"),
                ytreat = "Attitude if Treated",
                ycontrol = "Attitude if Control",
                ydiff = "Treatment Effect") %>%
  tab_style(cell_borders(sides = "right"),
            location = cells_body(columns = vars(subject))) %>%
  tab_style(cell_text(weight = "bold"),
            location = cells_body(columns = vars(subject))) %>%
  cols_align(align = "center", columns = TRUE)

Do you get what you want when you add



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That puts the table all the way on the left of the html, rather than centered in the main column.

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