gt package error?

Hi all,

I recently updated the gt package from github and it now no longer seems to function, giving the error:

Error in compile_data(as_sass(input), options) : 
  Error: Undefined variable: "$margin-left".
        on line 6:18 of ../../../../../../../../Library/Frameworks/R.framework/Versions/3.5/Resources/library/gt/css/gt_styles_default.scss, in mixin `gt-styles`
        from line 47:10 of stdin
>>     margin-left: $margin_left;


I also noticed the package seems to be currently failing it's builds. Does anyone know:

  1. How this error might be resolved
  2. What the state of the project actually is

Not sure if Rich Iannone @rinnaone is on here...


Hi all,

I have resolved this issue. Something odd had occurred during the package install/build leading to corruption. I had to fully remove the package and rebuild. all is well now.


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