Grouping COVID-19 data

I am using the data below and I want to create a table in R that shows how many cases total there are per county. I also want to plot a chart that shows the cases total from each day along the Y axis and each date of the data on the X axis.

Any help would be appreciated.

Hi, What code have you tried? If you don't already have the basics, reading something like R for Data Science is a good place to start:

Here is something to start with anyway, if you haven't got anything


data <- read_csv("")

So this is what I've tried so far, different combos of things in Group_By and Summarize.
It seems to keep breaking the numbers down by dates for each county rather than summing total cases for each county.

> data <- read.csv("C:\\Users\\arobe\\OneDrive\\Desktop\\COVID19.csv")
> data %>% 
+   group_by(COUNTY) %>% 
+   summarize(Cases.Total)
`summarise()` has grouped output by 'COUNTY'. You can override using the `.groups` argument.
# A tibble: 36,774 x 2
# Groups:   COUNTY [54]
   COUNTY Cases.Total
   <chr>        <int>
 1 Adams            0
 2 Adams            0
 3 Adams            0
 4 Adams            0
 5 Adams            0
 6 Adams            0
 7 Adams            0
 8 Adams            0
 9 Adams            0
10 Adams            0

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