group_by NULL using across

Before, I used group_by_at to group by a vector of strings or by NULL:


grouping_1 <- c("cyl", "vs")
grouping_2 <- NULL

mtcars %>% group_by_at(grouping_1)
mtcars %>% group_by_at(grouping_2) # this leaves mtcars ungrouped

The help of group_by_at indicates that the function is superseded and that across should be used instead. But, grouping by NULL gives an error

mtcars %>% group_by(across(grouping_1))
mtcars %>% group_by(across(grouping_2)) #this gives an error

For me, group_by_at used in the way described has been useful because in my functions I can use the same code without checking every time whether the grouping argument is empty or not.

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