group_by not working.

Hi. I'm trying to do a analysis of the 2016 election according the data from 2016 General Election Polls: Trump vs. Clinton vs. Johnson vs. Stein | RealClearPolling, and in the process I got stuck by using the group_by. Can anyone help please? Thank you in advance!

poll <- subset(poll, select = c("Poll","Date", "Spread"))
poll %>%
separate(Spread, into = c("Candidate", "Lead_Spread"), sep = " ", convert = TRUE, remove = TRUE, fill = "right") %>%
separate(Date, into = c("Start Date", "End Date"), sep = "/") %>%
group_by(Poll, Candidate)

There is no warning or error however the group_by is not getting nothing.

Were you assuming that group_by would have a summarising effect? ... that would require a summarise()
The effect of the group_by that you would see when viewing your tibble in the console is that it would show text at the top announcing what variables it is grouped by.


That makes sense. I just paused once the group_by didn't work. Haven't thought about summarize. Thank you so much!

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