Grid search in RandomForestSRC

I am using RandomForestSRC to create a random forest model using regression, and I want to perform a gridsearch on the optimal mtry, nodesize, ntrees, nodedepth in combination in order to better visualize the optimization process.

I have tried the following:

mtry <- c(4,8,16)
nodesize <- c(50,150,300)
ntrees <- c(500,1000,2000)
nodedepth <- c(5,10)

frmodel <- rfsrc(mort_30 ~ variable1+variable2+variable3, #(ect)
data= data.train, mtry= mtry, nodesize= nodesize, ntrees=ntrees,                                                                                                                     nodedepth=nodedepth, blocksize=1, importance=TRUE, seed=40)

But I keep getting this error:

I if (mtry < 1 | mtry >n.xvar) mtry <- max(1, min(mtry, n.xvar)):
the condition has length > 1 and only the first element will be used

It seems I wont be able to assign more than one value to these. Is there another way to do this, short of manually making a tree for every single combination?

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