Grayed Out Text in Console

I'm not sure what happened (I don't recall making any changes), but all of a sudden, output in my console looks different. Note how some of the characters are grey like the zeros. Short of reinstalling RStudio, does anyone have a suggestion on how I could fix this? Note how the variable names are in bold too - which is unexpected.

Not really really sure to tell you the truth - what are your 'appearance' settings under 'Tools ->Global Options'?

I think you updated the tibble package to version 1.4.1. Please see the "new formatting" section in the changelog for version 1.4.1.

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Here's a quick snapshot of my "appearance" settings:

Looks like you are correct Lauri. I'm just unsure of how to 'disable' that formatting feature that was introduced. Here's a screenshot of it working when using the function:

After some digging around, it looks as if I can 'disable' this enhancement by choosing "Remove ANSI codes" in the Global Options -> Code part:

With that option enabled, the output is what I would expect:

I'm not sure what the long term impact of this option change is, however.

There's some more info about new tibble printing in the updated tibble vignette as well as the pillar package readme, which is where the tools for the styling live. See also this thread on Hadley's twitter which explains a little more of the motivation behind highlighting the first 3 digits of a number.

I haven't used it enough in the last few days to adjust to it yet, but as with many of the design choices made by Hadley, et al. I imagine it's something that after a week or two, I'll come to appreciate!


this is actually really good to know -- thanks!

The ability of the RStudio console to understand ANSI codes for changing color, boldness, etc. of text is new in RStudio 1.1, and some packages have been updated to take advantage of this.

What you did is the correct setting to disable such text formatting in the RStudio console, making it behave like RStudio 1.0 in this regard.