Gray screen with Shiny example

I have free Rstudio + Shiny install on server x.domain.
I also have nginx server that redirect the users to the right links. call it y.domain.
In server y.domain, we redirect https://y.domain/rstudio to http://x.domain:8787

I tried to run from Rstudio the Shiny example:

> library("shiny")
> runExample("01_hello")

When I run it

  • locally on x.domain - it open x.domain:8787/s/58322cfc78a31124db5f0/?view=shiny and run okay.
  • from y.domain - The Rstudio open okay and when I run the example above, it open a gray window with the path URL y.domain/rstudio/s/58322cfc78a31124db5f0/?view=shiny

What I need to do to make the redirect from y.domain to x.domain to work?

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