Graphs don't show up in the plot pane

hi. I hope my plots are show up in the plot pane..

I spent a lot of time on Google, and I found that many people solved the problem by upgrading.

but I was using the most recent version, R 3.5.0

how can I do...?

Welcome to community Jihui.

First, be aware of the difference between R and RStudio's IDE. Because your question mentions a plots pane, I'm assuming you are using RStudio IDE. You might try updating RStudio as well.

Also, the folks that develop the RStudio IDE have a nice troubleshooting guide covering common issues with graphics devices here; Problem with Plots or Graphics Device. Could you walk through these steps, and if they fail (:cry:), come back here with the suggested info about your system?

I got the same problem with Rstudio 1.0.136
Please help me to fix it

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