GR4J Calibration with HydroPSO

Hello everyone
I am using HydroPSO to calibrate GR4J model and I got this issue in running the code described in the screenshot. I got no result as modelouput although It has been set
Could you tell me what it is not working?

A screenshot is virtually useless here. See See
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Hello dear,
Thanks for your reply.
Actually, my concern is to know how to fix the error from the created function running .
Here is my code :

  modelInputs <- CreateInputsModel(FUN_MOD = RunModel_GR4J, DatesR = as.POSIXlt(dates), Precip = P, PotEvap = PET)
  runOptions.CAL <- CreateRunOptions(FUN_MOD = RunModel_GR4J, InputsModel = modelInputs, IndPeriod_WarmUp = WarmUpPeriod.index, IndPeriod_Run = CalPeriod.index)
  modeloutput <- RunModel(Param = Param.values, InputsModel = modelInputs, RunOptions = runOptions.CAL, FUN_MOD = RunModel_GR4J)
  qsim <- as.numeric(modeloutput$Qsim)
  obs <- as.numeric(Obs)
  gof <- KGE(sim = qsim, obs = obs, method = "2012")
  nelements <- 2
  out <- vector("list", nelements)
  out[[1]] <- gof
  out[[2]] <- qsim
  names(out)[1:nelements] <- c("GoF", "sim")

In this code, all the arguments have been set except Param.values which is the parameters to be optimized by the function GR4Jhydromod.basic we created.

The first thing I noticed is that } has no matching {.

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