googlesheets4 Quota or Authorization Issue

Hey folks! I'm trying to troubleshoot an issue I'm having with googlesheets4. I'm fairly new to this, so apologies if I'm missing anything that might be helpful.

My main use case is taking a large data frame with data for multiple school and then looping through the data to create individual google sheets for each school. I'm not working with a lot of data, in many cases about 1000 records and certainly no more than 5000. When doing this, I keep on running in to quota issues with the Google Sheets API.

I've setup Google Sheets OAuth credentials (free, non-billing account) on the Google API console and I've included those in my scripts with the gs4_auth function:

email = my_email,
path = my_credentials

When I do this, I receive no error and the gs4_user() function returns the correct email address. However, after creating a few sheets, I do not see any activity in my Google API Console and I typically hit the quota limit even when I add pauses within my looping (see below). Not seeing activity on the console in conjunction with my relatively small data set makes me think that my OAuth credentials are not actually being used.

Any thoughts would be appreciated!


My loop for writing each sheet:

for(i in 1:schl_cnt) {
n <- df_school_list$school_name[i]

sheet_name <- paste0(n, "_data" )

google_id <- gs4_create(
name = sheet_name,
sheets = filter(df_data, school_name == n)

ss = google_id,
dimension = "columns"


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