Googledrive resources/how to get modified date

I'm getting up and running with the googledrive package and wondering if there are any good resources/writeups out there beyond the package documentation and the site.

In particular I'm having trouble figuring out how to get the last modified date for a file - it doesn't seem to be one of the options for drive_reveal().

I believe it's available in drive_find().

Ah, yes, and then it's somewhere in that list that is the third column of the dribble. Thanks!

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You can dig it -- and much more -- out of the drive_resource list-column.

This should get you started:

x <- googledrive::drive_find(n_max = 3)
x %>% 
  mutate(modified = map_chr(drive_resource, "modifiedTime"))
#> # A tibble: 3 x 4
#>   name                             id            drive_resource modified  
#> * <chr>                            <chr>         <list>         <chr>     
#> 1 googlesheets4-design-exploration 1xTUxWGcFLtD… <list [32]>    2018-03-1…
#> 2 Internship Application           1ZioYgbU1bzS… <list [30]>    2018-03-1…
#> 3 2018 Webinars                    1WIf9VqQdGsB… <list [32]>    2018-03-1…

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Yes, there's a lot in there - I had just breezed past that list column. Thanks!

Hey @sarah,

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Huh, you can only pick one? Both were very helpful...

Oh, don't worry about that! It's just much easier if you can see that questions have been solved with that little check box!