Googledrive drive_find() with fullText parameters returns error

Hi all. I'm having a problem with using some API parameters in googledrive's drive_find() since installing googlesheets4.

This function should return a list of docs in my Google Drive which contain the word 'technique'

drive_find(q = "fullText contains 'technique'")

It worked well until I installed googlesheets4 (maybe a coincidence), at which point the Google API started to return this error...

Error: Client error: (403) Forbidden
domain: global
reason: forbidden
message: Sorting is not supported for queries with fullText terms. Results are always in descending relevance order.
locationType: parameter
location: orderBy


  1. googledrive::drive_find(q = "fullText contains 'technique'")
  2. googledrive::do_paginated_request(...)
  3. gargle::response_process(page)
  4. gargle:::stop_request_failed(error_message(resp), resp)

Any suggestions please?