googleCloudStorageR::gcs_auth: Error: Non-interactive session and no authentication email selected

I'd like to use this function in docker to authenticate Biq Query and Google Cloud Storage.

authenticate <- function() {
    scopes <- c("",
    token <- gargle::token_fetch(scopes = scopes)
    bigrquery::bq_auth(token = token)
    googleCloudStorageR::gcs_auth(token = token, token)

I append my credentials to docker from ~/.config/gcloud/application_default_credentials.json . bq_auth works fine. If I run the function outside the docker, it works fine but I have to interactively sign in.

With docker, I get an error

Error: Non-interactive session and no authentication email selected.
Setup JSON service email auth or specify email in gar_auth(email='')

Even if I passed my email to gcs_auth , it didn't work (but I'd like to avoid that). (Please don't just link me the Non-interactive auth website from gargle.)

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