Google search results have unexpected headings for Connect urls

A google search provides odd results, e.g. as attached, listing it under Washington and Lee University. Has anyone else experienced this, or have suggested solutions?

I get the same goofy result (in Firefox), and just to add the confusion the favicon next to "Washington and Lee University" is not their favicon. I reported it to Google.

Have you modified the default robots.txt at all?
This setting was added in the March 2023 release.

I don't know enough about the details of Google search to know if that's something we can address, but we'll look into it.

Interesting. Using Opera I am getting what one would expect.

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@jrkrideau Are you using Google as your search engine or something else. I confirmed the goofy result is still present with Google, using both Firefox and Chrome. Neither DuckDuckGo nor Bing finds it, though. So it seems likely the fault lies with Google, and is neither a Posit Connect nor a browser issue.

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I really don't know what search engine I am using and cannot see where to find it but I am pretty sure it is not Google as it often gives very different results from Chrome or Firefox.

It looks like it may be Google . Maybe a different version?

Yandex is giving me what looks to be the same results as Opera and I don't think a Russian browser would be using Google.

Yahoo is behaving as do Opera and Yandex.
It looks to me like it's something in Google's search algorithms

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