Google Drive and Dropbox Authorisation Issue

Hi all,

I am running a script which requires authorised credentials for Google Drive

Using drive_auth() or trying to force the token with drive_auth(email = *********** isn't allowing the popup to Google to give access permissions.

The error message is

Error in `drive_auth()`:
! Can't get Google credentials
ℹ Are you running googledrive in a non-interactive session? Consider:
• `drive_deauth()` to prevent the attempt to get credentials
• Call `drive_auth()` directly with all necessary specifics
ℹ See gargle's "Non-interactive auth" vignette for more details:
Run `rlang::last_error()` to see where the error occurred.

I am guessing I need to clear the cache for R, however I haven't found any solution yet.
I tried drive_deauth() also and it gave the same error.

Any help would be brilliant.

Thank you

Have you carefully read through this document ?

TL;DR is that you need to successfully authenticate once in an interactive session and then, in your code, give gargle permission to use a token it finds in the cache.

This strongly implies that your script should be different from your setup/initialisation/set it up once code. Is that the case for you ?

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