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Hello there,

I am trying to export data from Google Analytics using R to allow me to see the progression of each customer from the beginning to the end of their journey on the website, including the pages viewed and the specific products they have looked at.

The idea is to then build an algorithm to make recommendations on the website based on the individual customer's past history.

Has anyone ever done this or got any advice on how to retrieve this data in the first instance please?

Many thanks

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Hi Slusun,

I haven't done this myself, but there are a couple of tutorials I've read that might help.

Google Analytics R Tutorial by Ryan Praskievicz

And Getting Started with R and Google Analytics by Becky West

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I used Googles own tutorial over a year ago and managed to get it up and running pretty smoothly. In the youtube-tutorial, which I think is the same (?) as Ryans, that @mara referred to, there are some examples of how to do time series analysis on your data aswell.

I have many tutorials linked from the bottom of the googleAnalyticsR homepage, including Ryan's from above. You can also find a list of other Google Analytics -> R libraries if you don't like that one.

May I also direct you to the Dartistics website that I've published with Tim Wilson and others, which is aimed at digital analysts using R, and holds tutorials on using Google Analytics, Search Console, Adobe Analytics etc. data and applying various statistical methods to them, such as forecasting, regression etc.