Good resources for testthat's "Reporters"?

I found a curious Reporter, JunitReporter in the NEWS of the next version of testthat package and tried to use it, but I couldn't find the good way to work with Reporters.

Since Googling around and ?Reporters didn't help, I searched other people's codes on GitHub and anticipated the code will be something like this:

           reporter = JunitReporter$new(file = "junit_result.xml"))

But, I'm not sure this is the right way... Are there any good documentations about how to use (or implement) Reporters? Any suggestions are appreciated.

Here are some examples from CRAN packages:


test_check('rnbn', reporter = 'summary')

Thanks! Searching on GitHub (and copying and pasting) is exactly what I did to write up the code above :slight_smile:
Do you know some documentations?

I don't think there is currently great documentation on testthat reporters. I opened to add a reporter vignette in the future.


Thanks so much! I'll keep my eyes on the issue :slight_smile: