Golem Package and ShinydashboardPlus

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I am looking for some tutorials that teach the use of golem in conjunction with shinydashboardPlus packages.

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There is no difference in the use of {golem} for the different types of dashboard outputs.
{golem} helps you more on the server side than on the UI side of your Shiny application.
Hence, you can follow the step-by-step introduction as explained in this part of the {golem} Readme: GitHub - ThinkR-open/golem: A Framework for Building Robust Shiny Apps
Which I put here too:

Step by step guide

See full documentation in the {pkgdown} website:

[CRAN] https://thinkr-open.github.io/golem/

[dev] https://thinkr-open.github.io/golem/dev/

After project creation, you’ll land on dev/01_start.R. There are also dev/02_dev.R and dev/03_deploy.R

These files are used to keep a track of all the steps you’ll be following while building your app.

Step 1 : Getting Started

Read the Getting Started vignette for a detailed walkthrough.

Step 2 : Day to Day Dev

Read Day to Day Dev vignette for a detailed walkthrough.

Step 3: deploy

Read Deploying Apps with {golem} vignette for a detailed walkthrough.


Thank you very much statnmap for the insightful response. Best regards

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