Glue sql "Error in initialize(value, ...) : cannot use object of class “name” in new(): class “SQL” does not extend that class In addition: Warning message: In : applied to non-(list or vector) of type 'symbol'"

Till recently I have been using a .sql script in conjunction with a hive_conn to retrieve data from hive:

prediction_query <- read_lines(paste0(getwd(), '/sql_queries/test_prediction_data_query.sql')) %>%
  glue_collapse(sep = "\n") %>%
  glue_sql(.con = hive_conn)
my_df <- DBI::dbGetQuery(hive_conn, prediction_query)


with ...

  i.s as s,
  i.install_dt as install_dt,
  i.platform as platform,
  i.usa as usa,
  i.publisher_name as publisher_name,
  coalesce(sn.sessions_day_from, 0) as {rlang::parse_exprs(glue('sessions_day_{day_from}'))},
  coalesce(sn.sum_session_time_day_from, 0) as {rlang::parse_exprs(glue('sum_session_time_day_{day_from}'))},
  coalesce(u.utility_day_from, 0) as {rlang::parse_exprs(glue('utility_day_{day_from}'))},
  round(coalesce(u.recent_utility_sum / u.utility_day_from, 0), 2) as recent_utility_ratio,
  coalesce(spn.revenue_day_from, 0) as {rlang::parse_exprs(glue('revenue_day_{day_from}'))}
from installs_base i 
left join sessions_day_from sn on sn.s = i.s 
left join utility_day_from u on u.s = i.s 
left join revenue_day_from spn on spn.s = i.s

I have been using this script for a few months with no issues, it worked.

Yesterday I made some changes in trying to install some other packages. The only significant change I can recall was updating packages with updates available using devtools.

This morning when I tried to run the script I get:

prediction_query <- read_lines(paste0(getwd(), '/sql_queries/test_prediction_data_query.sql')) %>%
+   glue_collapse(sep = "\n") %>%
+   glue_sql(.con = hive_conn)
Error in res[is_char] : object of type 'symbol' is not subsettable
In addition: Warning messages:
1: In : applied to non-(list or vector) of type 'symbol'
2: In : applied to non-(list or vector) of type 'symbol'

I did some Google searching but cannot find how to overcome this error message.

Those variables in my select statement do render the expected value in the console:

> rlang::parse_exprs(glue('sessions_day_{day_from}'))

> rlang::parse_exprs(glue('sum_session_time_day_{day_from}'))

> rlang::parse_exprs(glue('utility_day_{day_from}'))

> rlang::parse_exprs(glue('revenue_day_{day_from}'))

Any ideas on why my sql script stopped working with glue_sql?

Which version of glue did you have and which are you using now ?

It seems there was some changes in glue_sql that could have had an impact on your usage

You could try installed previous version to try if it is working again.

Hi, thanks for the suggestion and sorry for the slow response. I did try installing an older version of glue since I had recently updated packages. Even after installing an older version the problem persisted. Trouble is I'm not sure which version of glue I was using previously! I guess I'll need to figure out how to use the new glue to construct this query in the way that I need.

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