Global Variable not found in server.r

Hello everybody!

I'm deploying an app on a custom server using docker but I keep having a weird error:

In main.r I defined a global variable as
something <<- fread("something.csv")
but when I compile and run the container it returns an error "Object something not found in server.r#84" as soon as I call that variable the first time.
Of course, in RStudio (Windows 10) this does not happen.

Does anybody know what is causing it?

Does it work if you just use <- ?

how have you endeavoured to make main.r execute ?
(given that the complaint is from server.r)

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No, it does not. It looks like it doesn't matter what I do in main.r, not even the importation of packages works.

Usually the main file is called app.R. Maybe that's your problem.

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