Global Environment always has same data/functions when opening R Studio

Whenever I open up R-Studio, my global environment always contains the same 2 data sets and functions that I haven't used in months. I have to clear the environment everytime I start up to get rid of them, which isn't a huge deal but it's gotten kinda annoying and I know there must be a way to fix it. I've deleted every file on my computer related to the data sets and function, but they still show up in the global environment every time I open R-Studio.

What else can I try to permanently remove these items from my global environment?

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Hi @tcaul, welcome to RStudio Community.

When you exit RStudio, are you saving your workspace to a .Rdata file? And could you also check if you have the 'Restore .Rdata into workspace at startup' setting enabled in Global Options?

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Yep, I had 'Restore .Rdata into workspace at startup' enabled. Disabling that worked. Thanks!

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