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Global and National Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Authors: Jiddu Alexander

Full Description:
The Global and National Greenhouse Gas Emissions table an interactive table that allows you to explore Global and national greenhouse has emissions. It shows historic emissions, recent 2022 emissions and 2022 per capita emissions including historic charts and the percentage of each of the global total.
For total historic and 2022 emissions you dive into a breakdown of emissions per greenhouse gas CO2, Methane and nitrous oxide and even further into sources as coal, oil, gas, agriculture, industry, waste, etc.

The data is combined from the Global Carbon Project and Primal. These data sources are used by the IPCC and are also the sources I use in my work for the

The table is build with R and D3.js. D3 is used to create the basic shapes and the transitions between the shapes. R is used to combine the data and to calculate all the paths, areas, points, text positions, etc.. Even the scaling to the SVG coordinate system is done in R.

Table Type: interactive-HTML
Submission Type: Single Table Example
Table: Greenhouse Gases Table — jiddu alexander
Code: JidduAlexander/posit_2024_table_contest · GitHub
Industries: Climate change.
Packages: Tidyverse to calculate all the positions, D3.js to display it