glmmTBM - finding OR for fixed effects

hey, trying to get the odd ratios of the model's coefficients.
Here's the code:

model2 <- glmmTMB(ExerciseTotV2 ~ (pExerciseTotV2mc) * CSImc+mpExerciseTotV2gmc*(mCSIgmc) + ( 1| Couple),
ziformula = ExerciseTotV2 ~ (pExerciseTotV2mc) * CSImc+mpExerciseTotV2gmc*(mCSIgmc) + ( 1| Couple),
data = temp2 %>% filter(patient==1), family = poisson)


or_table <- exp(cbind(OR = fixef(model2)[2:3], confint(model2)[2:3]))

and the error:
Error in exp(coef(model2)) :
non-numeric argument to mathematical function

thank you!

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