GLMER.NB, Tol not found

Hi all,

I'm doing a multilevel negative binomial regression analysis, using the LME4 package.
I created the following script:

R< nb <- glmer.nb(MOP ~ age+experience+(1|SubjectID), data = Data, interval = log(th) + c(-3, 3), tol = 5e-5, verbose = FALSE, nb.control = NULL, initCtrl = list(limit = 20, eps = 2*tol, trace = verbose, theta = NULL))

When I run this code, it gives me the following outcome:
object 'tol' not found

I tried to install packages MASS and Optimize, however R says these packages aren't available for R version 3.4.3.

Is there anyone who worked with this analysis and can help me with this?

Thank you in advance!

you are using tol (you multiply it by 2 and pass it to eps) without having defined it.
something like

 tol <- 5e-5

would likely work

It worked indeed! Thank you :slight_smile:

Now it says: object 'verbose' not found
Should I also define this one, and if so; how?

you can get documentation on your function call with the questionmark symbol in your console


it shows that it should be a logical, so FALSE or TRUE, or leave it blank ( i.e. dont mention the param at all) and the default would be false

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