github PAT loses repo scope

I'm helping a student conect Rstudio to github using usethis::create_github_token() and gitcreds::gitcreds_set(). The token is created with all of the recommended scopes (repo, user, workflow, gist) and gets updated nominally by gitcreds.

However when we run usethis::gh_token_help() or git_sitrep() the "repo" scope disappears. Can't connect to github.

There is nothing in the .Renviron. Has anyone seen this? It looks like there is something blocking or modifying the PAT scope on the github end but I can't figure out what.

We figured it out.

The student's default browser was internet explorer. We recognized this as anomalous at the time and set the PAT scopes manually using chrome. This did not help until the student changed the default browser to chrome. Working now.

Still unclear if the issue was on github or Rstudio's side, but changing the default browser fixed the issue.

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