Github-Pages with Quarto giving 404 but website renders fine in rstudio

I'm trying to use quarto to build a github pages site. Note that this is in an enterprise github, not public.

I'm developing the site in RStudio and I can preview render it just fine. I'm doing development in the main branch.

(base) balter@exahead1:~/$ quarto publish gh-pages
? Update site at (Y/n) › Yes
 * branch            gh-pages   -> FETCH_HEAD
Rendering for publish:
branch 'gh-pages' set up to track 'origin/gh-pages'.
HEAD is now at 907ad21 Built site for gh-pages
Preparing worktree (resetting branch 'gh-pages'; was at 907ad21)
Updating files: 100% (119/119), done.
[gh-pages a6042cf] Built site for gh-pages
 3 files changed, 7 insertions(+), 7 deletions(-)
origin (fetch)
origin (push)
   907ad21..a6042cf  HEAD -> gh-pages

I get no errors during processing, however, the site gives me a 404 error.

Note: I did originally test it with a vanilla .html file to make sure I could visit a site at the URL.

it is hard to know what happens without being able to see the project content.

Do you have an index page in your project ? Is any page reachable ? The all github website does not work ?

If quarto is producing the output correctly, and your gh-pages branch contains the website, then I don't think quarto is involved in the issue.

Could it be a configuration somehow ?

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