Github error and use_github question

Hi userRs,

I recently started a project with version control in RStudio and when I created the project, I got the following error, "waitpid for git-remote-https failed: No child processes." I did some digging online and a solution seems to be to run it as an administrator, but when I did that it opened up a command prompt environment as opposed to allowing me to work directly from RStudio, so I wasn't sure how to proceed from there. I also installed the latest version of Git but that didn't fix it also. Can anyone help me figure out what to do?

Another question I have is since I couldn't do it the normal way, I used usethis::use_github to push my files to Github. Is there a way to specify to use_github to create a private repository as opposed to a public one? (I understand I can always set it to private on Github, but I'm just curious). Thanks!

As for your first question, I think a reprex would be useful as I'm not entirely sure how to begin troubleshooting this one (although someone else may have the answer offhand)

Regarding the private repo, you can simply run use_github(private=T) to initiate a private repo.

Thanks for the private = T argument

Regarding the first question, attached is a screenshot of what I saw...

I figured out the solution to the problem, so I'm leaving it here in case anybody runs into the same issue:

  1. Commit your files normally on RStudio, then read on if you run into an error that reads, ""waitpid for git-remote-https failed: No child processes."
  2. Run Git Bash as an administrator
  3. Change the directory to the directory of your project using cd computer_path_to_project
  4. You can do git status to see the status of your commit
  5. To push things to github, use git push -u origin master, enter your username and password if prompted
  6. Type exit to quit Git Bash

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