Github Copilot: partial inline completion acceptance (word by word)

The Github Copilot integration into Rstudio can be very useful, however Copilot is often overzealous in its suggestions. I spend much of my time accepting a suggestion and then deleting out the parts I did not want. This seems to be particularly common when working in a Rmd file where Copilot constantly wants to start a new code chunk at the end of its suggestion.

I see that many other IDEs (for example VSCode) have integrated partial acceptance (word by word) so that you can accept suggestions in pieces. This would significantly improve my workflow using Copilot in Rstudio.

Could you implement partial completion acceptance of Copilot suggestions in Rstudio? Some ideas could be Cmd/Ctrl + Right Arrow like VSCode, alt + RightArrow, or Copilot's alt + ]

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Although it is not a default, I found this is possible to enable by going to Tools > Modify Keyboard Shortcuts... > Co-pilot: Accept Next Word

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