GitHub Actions R CMD CHECK workflow failing on Windows Release - ghostscript and qpdf

Hello Posit Community Hive mind!

I'm currently collaborating on a Stan inference R package. We are currently failing to pass R CMD CHECK on Windows Release.

I have used the default R CMD CHECK workflow from usethis::use_github_actions('check-standard') and have not changed any of the defaults.

See the workflow file and log for the Windows fail here

From the log, I've learned that its the setup-r@v2 job is failing where the runner attempts to install ghostscriptand qpdf from the Chocolatey API.

I'm not very familiar with Chocolatey or these packages but it seems that both packages are available on the platform (determined from search on Chocolatey's website).

I had a look through this topic though this user's issue is a bit different to mine. Their R CMD CHECK workflow fails at the check-package job where R cannot file qpdf.

This problem is relatively new, as all checks were passing just last week! (runs/8354194537)

I would appreciate anyone's insight!!!

Thanks in advance!

We fixed this issue already, I believe: [setup-r] Ghostscript and/or qpdf installation error on Windows · Issue #812 · r-lib/actions · GitHub


Hi Gabor! Thanks for a reply - really appreciate it! Let me try the updated workflow for setup-r@v2 and report back :slight_smile:

Hi Gabor! All fixed and no complaints from Github Actions. Well done and thank you so much! :pray:

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