Github actions fails with tc

Hi all,

I'm trying to figure out CI for an R package with github actions (we already have travis and appveyor). I've set up an action to do do the full test, following the Github Actions for R page. I had to add in X11 for mac and tinytex for all (which appears to work for all except windows). In contrast to appveyor and travis (and CRAN), R CMD CHECK through github actions is failing when it tries to run examples, which seems to be due to tcl (the link_secuTrial function uses igraph to open an interactive network).


I found a github issue that sounded vaguely similar, but is with travis... I wonder if something similar is the case for me? warning in TRAVIS: no DISPLAY variable so Tk is not available · Issue #1 · COST-FP1304-PROFOUND/ProfoundData · GitHub

Any ideas how to make the examples run?

Thanks in advance!

This seems to be an issue with R4.0.
I have found a solution for ubuntu on R3.x (add a DISPLAY variable to the environment), but the 4.0 builds all fail (windows is currently failing due to tinytex, but that's a different issue)

Just figured out how to actually implement the fix to this... actually very simple...

      - name: Check
          _R_CHECK_CRAN_INCOMING_: false
          _R_CHECK_DONTTEST_EXAMPLES_: false
          DISPLAY: 99.0
        run: rcmdcheck::rcmdcheck(args = c("--no-manual", "--as-cran"), error_on = "warning", check_dir = "check")
        shell: Rscript {0}
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