github actions failing with 'cannot open URL' message

The R CMD CHECK on Github actions for my package fails with the following error:

I am not sure why since this workflow was working successfully before without any error.

Installing packages into ‘/Users/runner/runners/2.165.2/work/_temp/Library’
(as ‘lib’ is unspecified)
##[error]Error: Failed to install 'tidyBF' from GitHub:
  (converted from warning) unable to access index for repository
  cannot open URL ''
Execution halted
##[error]Process completed with exit code 1.


This is a problem today with the central CRAN repository missing its directory of pre-compiled MAC OS binaries. Based on last time, it will be fixed in the next day or so, and then propagate throughout the mirrors soon afterwords.

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Hi, I experienced same issue yesterday in travis CI while testing macOS with -oldrel.
I think github action is little different from travis CI.


However I solve it by changing mirror site from to

If you interested, you can see this link that how I solved this problem.
Even I wrote it with korean language but I think you can understand what I mean with uploaded image.



Thanks. Seems to be fixed now.

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