github actions check failing for mac/linux after adding visual tests

I've just added some tests with testthat into my R package.

The devtools::check passes on my windows laptop. But then when I pushed to main, the pkgdown website fails with macos and ubuntu.

I'm just getting started with testing, so a novice at this. I've just added github actions in.

I think this error might relate to this. Not sure where you are supposed to put these lines of code?

Any ideas about how to make this work? If I can't get the website to update, then I'll need to remove the tests, which would be annoying...

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That does not seem to have anything to do with pkgdown. Maybe your snapshots are platform dependent? I.e. I think you can't assume that the same exact .svg file is generated on all platforms.

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It fails the checks after I added a bunch of visual tests of ggplot2 images using the vdiffr package.

So this is likely related to the source of the errors on mac and ubuntu.

Any ideas of how I can make this work, @Gabor?

Added skip_if(getRversion() < 4.1) before the vdiffr tests, and that fixed it

You don't need to run the tests to build the pkgdown site, so I don't see why that is the case.

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