git tab disappeared after OS X upgrade

Hi. I upgraded to OS X 10.15.5 yesterday. After that change, the git tab has disappeared from RStudio Desktop when I'm in a project that has git in that directory. I upgraded RStudio to 1.3.959, but that didn't help. When I go to Preferences > git/svn, it looks like RStudio can see the git executable. Restarting RStudio doesn't help. Opening and closing the project doesn't help.

Any ideas?

I see a couple of related topics, but they're both for Windows...

Does running git in the terminal work correctly? The most common cause of this problem is a need to run sudo xcodebuild -license to accept the newest XCode license (which comes with the new macOS).

Yes, git from the command line works correctly, and the Tower git client also works fine. (And running sudo xcodebuild -license doesn't work, for what it's worth.)

Ah, I googled an error message from that xcodebuild command, and it told me to run xcode-select --install. I did that, and now RStudio correctly detects git, and the window is back!

Great, glad that's all it was!

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