Git push (and pull) keyboard shortcut in RStudio

The RStudio keyboard shortcut I would like most is git push, but it's not in Tools > Modify Keyboard Shortcuts... or Tools > Keyboard Shortcuts Help.
It's the one thing missing from my git workflow in RStudio:

  • Ctrl+Alt+M opens up the Review Changes window, then I press
  • Space or Enter to stage,
  • Tab to edit the commit message, &
  • Ctrl/Command+Enter to commit
    Ideally, I would want to set git pull and git push to Ctrl+Alt+< and Ctrl+Alt+>, respectively.
    Would I need to edit ~/.R/rstudio/keybindings/rstudio_commands.json
    Should this be a feature request?

Looks like you already filed one! :grin:


Yes, I did that right after this post. :sweat_smile:
Setting up the keyboard shortcut may be a simple matter of editing a JSON file, but I believe this shortcut should be built into the RStudio IDE (and therefore this is a feature request).
I added the feature-request tag to this post.